New from Gipsy Hill…

We have some new brews from Gipsy Hill for you for Tryanuary..

Don’t forget 3 x 440ml cans for £15!

Why not mix with other cans from our collection


Waffler is Gipsy Hill’s first Pastry stout… and it’s a big one. Brimmed filled with a GRADE A Canadian maple syrup, a splash of coffee, sea salt and a natural vegan bacon flavouring; balanced beautifully against dark and smoked malts – this beer is a comfort meal in a can!

Recliner is a New England style IPA. Chock full of oats and malted wheat for a soft, easy drinking mouthfeel. Squeezed lime and lychee on the nose, with sweet tropical notes climbing on your taste buds. Rounded out with peachy esters from Vermont yeast.

Featuring Sam, co-founder of GHBC.

Scalatrice is Double IPA. We’ve taken everything we love about this style and elevated it. Huge over ripe pineapple
at the peak, with pithy orange, lime aroma and an oily citrus peel bittering. Fermented with Voss Kveik layering in beautiful esters of papaya and stone fruit.

Seasonaire is a New England style pale ale. Packed full of Azacca and Citra hopped during fermentation churning out aromas of mango and lychee with a balanced bitterness. Malted oats and wheat make up the grist for soft mouthfeel and a rich base.

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