Birthday Treats

To celebrate our 2nd Birthday here are a few special offers…

Why not treat yourself or someone else!

Keg Beers (available in 2 and 4 pint containers)

Musketeer – John’s Precious IPA 6% – £4 a pint

Cider (available in 2 and 4 pint containers)

Cotswold Cider – Shapeshifter – Lime & Ginger 4% – £3.50 a pint

Cider bottle clear out

3 Bottles for £9 – some are out of date but still tasting good:

Lager time…

Get 3x440ml cans of Coolbox by BrewYonder at 3,5% or 3 x 500ml bottles of Hell from Einsiedler Brauhaus at 5.2%..both £10 for the three!

Get a pack of 3 Wiper & True 4.8% Huckleberry Amber Ale 440ml cans for £9

These are slightly out of date but still tasting good.

Get a pack of 4x330ml cans of Pilot, our ever popular cider from Ascension, Pilot.

Just £10…

If you MUST go alcohol free !…then try these great alcohol free beers….just 3 for £6

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