Sussex Beers and Local Music Beer Festival

Our beer festival celebrating Sussex Beers and Breweries and featuring local musicians runs from Friday 16th 1pm to Sunday 18th 9pm.

So far have a range of beers on order or already delivered from the following breweries:

360 Degree
Long Man
Only With Love


These are across both Cask and Keg. We won’t have all the beers on at once, but will aim to feature a good range at any one time..the faster they go the sooner new ones will be available!!

We can’t tell you what will be on when, you will just have to come along and see what’s on when you get there!

We are still operating within Covid restrictions so it will be table service with inside seating limited to 6. We recommend you book, especially if there are more than 2 of you, or you are looking to book a particular session to see a particular act.

Don’t forget your MASK!

The music will be performed outside at the far end of the marque. The line-up is as follows:


We will be collecting for all the acts that are performing, so remember to bring some CHANGE! If you forget we will be offering a cashback service where you can buy pound coins with you plastic!

On Friday evening between 4 and 7pm The Market Square will be providing Jerk Chicken, it is advisable to pre-book as supplies will be limited!!

On Saturday and Sunday we will have a range of pies from Al the Pieman

…and remember you are welcome to order takeaway from any of the local restaurants who will usually deliver for free. We can provide plates, cutlery and serviettes!

To book a table:

email us at

Or find us on social media:




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