Thanks to everyone that came to our OktobERfest at the weekend. We had a blast! There were a few hiccups with the supply of some things such as the Pretzels and two of the four acts cancelled for health reasons (not Covid!), but on the plus side we did not run out of German beer as we did last year and the weather was “kind” to us.
BIG thanks go out to Steve & Nella who manned the BBQ tirelessly for the whole weekend! To
ALL the staff (Dan, Fi, Jo, David, Sarah, Lisa and Steve) for keeping the beer flowing and for the entertainment on Saturday night (you had to be there!). Also thanks to James McClusky for filling in for Toulah on Sunday afternoon. Our good wishes go out to both Toulah and Molly and we hope they have a speedy recovery.
Here’s a few pics of including our “framed” prize entrants (winner to be announced!):

Finally here’s a video to sign off with…here’s to Next Year!!!

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