5 for a TRYanuary!

Three to chose on CASK…

This brew is much more than meets the eye. Oats and a multitude of malts give the sweet stout its sumptuous base. Expect bitter, yet silky chocolateyness from the cocoa nibs and chocolate malts, giving way to the smoky sweetness from aging in former bourbon whiskey oak barrels. The Raven is a moreish combination and certainly not a case of “nevermore”.

A stone-cold classic cask beer comes to cans, Lightly dry-hopped with Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo. Aromas of grapefruit and citrus with a malty Maris Otter backbone. 

Already proving a firm favourites with the ER faithful, this Yorkshire bitter is fashioned with crystal and honey malt. UK Golding and Styrian Aurora hops bring mellow fruit and spice, and a perfectly balanced bitternes

And on KEG…

‘In Waves’ is a range of single hop IPAs, each showcasing the special qualities of a certain hop. The first release ‘In Waves // Kohatu’ features a big dry hop of this year’s New Zealand harvest of Kohatu, bringing juicy tropical notes and fresh pine.

A 6.8% export stout, made with Raisinée . Vegan-friendly. Raisinée, is a smooth, viscous dark brown liquid, made from apple juice which is boiled for 17 – 36 hours in big pots. Raisinée is ready when a drop is put on a plate and it doesn’t spread. This traditional process dates back to the 17th century, and is still used today in Switzerland.

New from Gipsy Hill…

We have some new brews from Gipsy Hill for you for Tryanuary..

Don’t forget 3 x 440ml cans for £15!

Why not mix with other cans from our collection


Waffler is Gipsy Hill’s first Pastry stout… and it’s a big one. Brimmed filled with a GRADE A Canadian maple syrup, a splash of coffee, sea salt and a natural vegan bacon flavouring; balanced beautifully against dark and smoked malts – this beer is a comfort meal in a can!

Recliner is a New England style IPA. Chock full of oats and malted wheat for a soft, easy drinking mouthfeel. Squeezed lime and lychee on the nose, with sweet tropical notes climbing on your taste buds. Rounded out with peachy esters from Vermont yeast.

Featuring Sam, co-founder of GHBC.

Scalatrice is Double IPA. We’ve taken everything we love about this style and elevated it. Huge over ripe pineapple
at the peak, with pithy orange, lime aroma and an oily citrus peel bittering. Fermented with Voss Kveik layering in beautiful esters of papaya and stone fruit.

Seasonaire is a New England style pale ale. Packed full of Azacca and Citra hopped during fermentation churning out aromas of mango and lychee with a balanced bitterness. Malted oats and wheat make up the grist for soft mouthfeel and a rich base.

A Raisinée d’Etre from Switzerland…

New on keykeg this week is a collaboration between Anarchy Brew Co and Swiss brewery Echec & Malt, one of their Friends of Anarchy collaborations.

A 6.8% export stout, made with Raisinée. Vegan-friendly.

Raisinée, is a smooth, viscous dark brown liquid, made from apple juice which is boiled for 17 – 36 hours in big pots. Raisinée is ready when a drop is put on a plate and it doesn’t spread. This traditional process dates back to the 17th century, and is still used today in Switzerland.

Hops: Chinook
Malts: Extra Pale, Dark Crystal, Crystal 150, Dextrin, Chocolate Malt, Roasted Barley, Dark Munich, Rye, Oat Malt, Flaked Oats
Yeast: California Ale
Other: Raisinée

Remember, we have 64oz Glass growlers which are ideal for keg beer (just £10 when filled with beer). If you order in one of these you can have it refilled; we will deliver your next order in a new growler and collect the empty on delivery.

Time for an Injection of Joy?

For delivery this Saturday and for your drinking pleasure, we have another one-off special from Al at Top Notch Brewing Company.

It may not feel like it now, but as the Covid-19 vaccinations start to rollout in Sussex let’s hope we are are seeing the beginning of the “Turning Point” to the Pandemic!

One for the Tickers and a great contribution to your Tryanuary!

Beautifully golden base malt, heavily accentuated by a large % of Vienna malt, gives this International (Pacific/American) Pale Ale a sound structured backbone. Generously hopped with Galaxy, Motueka and Citra for a tropical, lemon & lime, passionfruit twist – At 5% ABV a boldly satisfying mid-strength IPA/APA!

Lockdown 3 – stand and deliver!

Here we go again. Looks like the latest Government announcement restricts us to delivery only , so we are planning to re-introduce deliveries for a trial period to see how things go. Hopefully we can keep it going for the duration of Lockdown 3, and we will see you all at the Engine Room again very soon.

First delivery will be tomorrow, Wednesday 6th Jan. See our delivery page for more information. Get your orders in by 12 noon on the day of delivery, beer will be with you late afternoon to early evening.

As before we will be delivering cask ale and cider as well as keg beers and packaged beers (cans and bottles). The variety of cask ales we can offer will depend on the amount that we sell, but as ever, we will endeavour to offer you an ever changing list of ales for you to enjoy during your isolation.

So for now, keep your chin up, keep safe and keep ORDERING BEER!!

Final Belgian beer (for now!)


STYLE: Indian Pale Ale
IBV: 5.9%

COLOUR: Pale in colour, with a snow-white head

FLAVOUR: fruity and creamy taste, with a subtle bitterness

In 1904, the Ghent Zoo had to close and Jack the Asian elephant was sold to Siske, a so called ‘gistmarchand’ or yeast-trader. He tried to sell the elephant in England, but that plan failed and the poor animal ended up in a Dutch sausage factory. Whether or not Jack was actually reduced to sausages, remains unclear. What is clear, is that the legend of Jack has inspired great conversations throughout the decades. And that is exactly what the new bitter India Pale Ale of The Musketeers brewery wants to aspire: talking beer.

Jack’s Precious IPA is a distinctive India Pale Ale: a refreshing and easily drinkable specialty beer with 5.9%. Jack’s Precious IPA is reminiscent of a floral bouquet with a citrus accent. The beer boasts a smooth, fruity and creamy taste, while the floral and spicy hop bitterness is by no means overpowering. Jack’s Precious IPA is pale in colour, with a snow-white head lingering like a silken fringe once savoured.

 The flavours of Jack’s Precious IPA were developed with the team of the Gollem specialty beer pubs in Amsterdam and Antwerp, pioneers in introducing the Dutch to Belgian specialty beers. Gollem’s Precious IPA was offered exclusively by the Gollem beer cafes for 2 years, where it has had and still holds the title of ‘IPA of the house’.

NYE Beers

Our takeout ale selection for New Year’s Eve

A session strength New England IPA brewed with lots of Citra and Mosaic hops. Naturally cloudy and super juicy.

ABV: 4.3%

Unfiltered, unfined, vegan. Contains gluten

Brewed with nine different malts, smooth with chocolate and coffee notes.

ABV: 4.7%

Suitable for vegans.

Modern English Bitter

Maris the Otter, the original Brew York Bitter first brewed back in 2016 is so called for two reasons. Firstly they use the classically malty heritage barley Maris Otter, and secondly, an Otter resides in the river behind the brewery whom they have named Maris for obvious reasons. Also brewed with a selection of six US and NZ hops for that modern twist.

ABV: 3.7%

Suitable for vegans