Doesn’t time fly…

Sorry for the recent radio silence from the basement. Christmas came and went and we are already speeding towards the end of February. This weekend marked the 4th Anniversary of us opening the doors of the ER to all you wonderful customers. It’s been an interesting 4 years, not least because of the pandemic but we are still here, and thankfully so are you!
We are marking our anniversary, as we did last year, with a Dark ‘n’ Strong Beer Festival where we focus on Porters, Stouts, Old Ales, Milds and ESBs. A large number of beers have already been squirreled away and I now have to whittle the provisional list down to the final one…this week I promise!
All the information regarding the Beer Festival can be found here
We’ve always said that the main ingredient of our success (alongside the beer and the staff of course!) is you the customers, and we want to thank you all for you continued support both throughout Covid and now in these difficult times.
I would like to make one special shout out to Jonny who has prepared this video to commemorate our 4th Anniversary…
Thanks Jonny

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