Brush up on your 4C’s…

Citra Columbus, Chinook, Centennial

Freshly tapped: IPA 4C from Kernel Brewery

“4C is a superb IPA that smells of crates of clementines and warm marshmallow. There’s a sticky, gooey, fluffy thing in the malts too, as well as being chewy with toffee and crunchy with cereal bars. And then there are the hops. They’re sherbet coated tangerine segments, lime leaves and garden shrubbery, gunky woody resin and sharp as a tack lemon pips. The result is that 4C has a finish that’s beautifully balanced between tongue coating oily honey sweetness and huge punch-your-lights-out dry bitterness.”

Published by JohnG

Owner of the Engine Room, Brewery Tap & Bar

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