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Things have been pretty hectic below ground since the pandemic paused for breath; table service was hard work for all the staff and we are relieved to be back to bar service. With the return to “normal operating procedures” we have started to re-introduce some of the things that we had initiated in our first year.

We had our first post-covid quiz on Thurs 9th September and we have our second one scheduled for Thurs 14th October, all being well these will continue on the 2nd Thursday of each month. As well as a £20 bar voucher, the winner gets to hold the ER Quiz Trophy for the month…prestige or what! It’s up to 6 per table and £1 per person (which goes to St Catherine’s). Ping us an email if you want a table.

ERGin night is back on Fridays; it’s a free mixer with every double gin!

We have also re-introduced “ERGin of the week”. Each week we have a different gin will be priced at £4 for a single and £7 for a double; so if you can’t decide which of our extensive range of Sussex gins to have, then just select the “ERGin of the week”!

On the music front, we already have Les & Pete AKA The Beer Jukebox (or if you listen to Les “The Average Shite Band”!!). They play every Tuesday night from 7.30pm, entry is free! If you haven’t seen them then you don’t know what you are missing!

On Wednesday 29th September, we have three of local band “The Bag Full of Hats” performing as “The Three Hats”. Dave, George and Pete will be playing some favourite tunes as well as some of George’s own compositions. Remember if you wear a hat on the night you will get £1 off of your first drink!

If you want to get aHEAD get a HAT!!!

All being well, we will be looking to organise regular music nights with local artists…keep an eye on our facebook and Instagram pages:

Finally to wrap up this newsletter we are holding the 2nd annual Engine Room OktobERfest on the 16th/17th October.
You can find all the details here
Remember it’s all about the fun and, as with last year, we will be coming round taking pictures and a prize will we awarded to the person, or persons, looking like they are having the most fun!!!
A few samples from last year:

PS: if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes it’s because Lisa wasn’t around to check it for me 🙂

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  1. All sounds very positive for the ER going forward thanks to all the hard work done by John, Lisa, David, Sarah, Dan and other staff members.

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