Good Times…

Some of you may know that the lease on the Engine Room premises was for 5 years; that 5 years ends at the beginning of November this year. Over the last few months I have done a lot of soul searching but I have finally decided to stand down from running the bar. There are a number of reasons but I think the two main ones are; 1. I’d like to get a bit of time back to pursue other things, and 2. I think I owe it to my body to stop. I’ve always had back problems but the latest problems which culminated in spinal surgery leads me to think that perhaps I should try and ease off the heavy lifting!

Myself and indeed the whole family have really enjoyed running the Engine Room. We’ve met lots of great people and made lots of new friends. I also like to think in some small way we have expanded the horizons of beer drinkers in East Grinstead, and done our bit in promoting local live music.

In recent months, I have been talking to a number of people about taking over the ER, but so far nothing has developed. I will continue to search for someone to take over the bar and to put their own unique stamp on it. It is important to say that the decision I have made is not a financial one so I am not looking for an investor, but rather someone to take over the lease and the day-to-day running. If you are interested then let me know and we can have a chat.

Don’t worry it is still very much BAU and we will be continuing with all our usual events and we will still be sourcing an ever changing selection of beers and ciders for you to enjoy. We intend to host our annual Oktoberfest in September and after that it will depend very much on whether someone takes over or if the business will close. I will endeavour to keep you all abreast of any developments as and when they happen.

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